Field Services

Field Services

Wiring Advice

The Co-op will be happy to provide some of our guidelines to wiring a home or business. Northwestern REC will not connect a service if safety concerns are present.


New Construction

Temporary electric service can be arranged by contacting Field Services at 1-800-352-0014.



A Field Services Representative will work with the members to design a service that best meets the needs of the members and of the Cooperative.


Line Relocation

All line relocations are designed and completed by the Cooperative. If you would like to request to have a power line relocated, please contact Field Services at 1-800-352-0014.


Tree Trimming/Right of Way Clearing

Northwestern REC works year round to maintain safe right-of-way clearances. Tree trimming concerns on Co-op lines should be addressed with Field Services. For tree trimming concerns contact Rob Burns in the Field Services at 1-800-352-0014.


Outdoor Lighting

Optional outdoor lights are offered to members for a small monthly fee.


Enforcement of Municipalities to Opt-in or out of Inspections

View list of local municipalities that opted in or out of the inspection program and the contact for each township.


Co-op Spec Sheets for Underground and Overhead Services

Meter on pole
Meter on pedestal
Overhead meter on building
Temporary meter pole
Temporary underground service
Underground meter on building

For more information, call us during regular business hours at 1-800-352-0014, or email us anytime.