Heating & Cooling

Heating & Cooling

Electric heating (and cooling) provides more than just $avings.

  • High efficiency electric systems help you "green" your heat.
  • Lowering your carbon emissions ~ 67% of the electric your Co-op provides is Carbon-Free.
  • Price stability ~ your Co-op rates do not fluctuate drastically unlike fossil fuel prices.
  • An environmentally friendly heating and cooling system ~ no flame, tanks or chimney.
  • One utility bill.


Electric Heating (and Cooling) Choices:

ETS Room Units
Forced Air (ducted) Electric Heat Options
Electric Boiler (water) Options


Electric Heating (and Cooling) Rate Options:

The Residential Interruptiple Heat Rate
The Residential Comfort Plus Rate
The Residential Heat Shift Rate


Tax credits are available for qualifying systems.


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